One could say that I began exploring a photographic vision the day I received a camera at age four. However, it really wasn't until my late teens that image making became the somewhat compulsive unifying activity that’s carried me through my personal life and life's work. Born and raised in New York City I emigrated to Boston decades ago where, taking inspiration from my photographer father, I plied a freelance commercial photo career for almost thirty years. After retiring my studio, I turned to museum photography for most of a decade, heading up a small creative team at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.
At this point it all adds up to a lifetime of imaging my world. My personal body of work, long pushed to a back burner, now begs attention. Filling in the blanks on this site, I’ve posted some recent series and will gradually work my way forward and back.
Thank you!
Under the quiet cover of snow, a base of serenity provides an opportunity for meditation and visual musings. It’s an over layering of the micro with the macro, landscapes mitigated by a fine mist scrim condensed out of the warm air within our cabin: the breath of deep dreams, the heat of our bodies, the steam from last night’s boiling pasta. Looking out from this still comfort I attempt to reconcile the safe contained feeling of being there with the open possibilities of what lies outside the glass.