My first photo, January 17, 1954. Birthday party, Bayside, NY

July 1955. My mom, New Milford

September 1956. Garden, Bayside, NY

1957. My dad

July 1958. My family, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

July 1959. My finger, my older cousin, my younger brother, a B-29 bomber

Langley Field, Hampton, VA​​​​​​​

July 1960. The Waterfront, Crystal Lake, Camp Keowa, Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camps

Narrowsburg, NY

November 1961. Flamingos, Bronx Zoo, New York City.

August 1962. Empire State Building, NYC

August 1963. My father takes a photo of me while I take a photo of him.

October 1964. New York World’s Fair.

August 1965. Campers, Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camps, Narrowsburg, NY

August 1966. We built a bridge across a stream, Narrowsburg, NY. 

January 1967. Lincoln Center, NYC

April 27, 1968. Spectators along Fifth Ave, NYC watching Vietnam War protest march

March, 1969. Albany, NY

June 10, 1970. Bar Harbor, ME

August 1971. Toes of a dancer

July, 1972. On the waterfront, banana boat, Port of Albany, NY

June 1973. View from the side of the road (Strawberry Mountain, CO)

July 1974. Mom, Plum Island, MA

August 1975. Rochester, NY

July 4, 1976. Bicentennial, Swampscott, MA

January 7, 1977. Elm, falling snow, Berkeley St, Boston

October 1978. Living room, Stone Harbor, NJ

January 1979. Wapato, WA 

1980. Men in booths, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

March 1981. Reservoir, Belmont, MA

November 1982. K! Eyes wide open, Belmont, MA

January 1983. Waffles, Belmont, MA

October 1984. Marsh margin, Thompson's Island, Boston Harbor

December 1985. Mother and child and doll and monkey, Boston

July 1986. Groomsmen, Beverly Hills, CA

November 1987. Mosier, OR

April 1988. Day 2, holding little sister very carefully, Boston

May 1989. Outward bound! Kindergarten field trip, Thompson's Island, Boston

May 1990. Scar, Thompson's Island, Boston, MA

April 1991. Styling, Cambridge, MA

May 1992. Cambridge, MA 

November 1993. Cambridge, MA

June 1994, Footwork, Cambridge, MA

August 1995. Juvenile Northern Green Frog, Duck Pond, Wellfleet, MA 

June 1996. Millbridge Farm, Chester Springs, PA

June 1997. Amusement, near Los Angeles, CA

February 1998. Clear ice, Richmond, NH

August 1999. Las Vegas, NV

June 2000. Twelve, Cambridge, MA

June 2001. Florence, Italy

June 2002. Richmond, NH 

November 2003. Crèche figurines, Madrid, Spain

July 2004. Wedding, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

January 2005. Richmond, NH 

December 2006. Starlings, crabapples, Cambridge, MA

August 2007. Watching Tiger. Southern California

March 2008. Myna bird, Pu'uhonua Honaunau, 'place of refuge', Hawaii

September 2009. Orleans, MA 

November 2010. Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 2011. Sparrows, Cambridge, MA

April 2012. Wall detail, St John, Virgin Islands

September 2013. Trail, Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH

September 2014. Ralph, Cambridge, MA

November 2015. I90 above Denny Creek, Snoqualmie, WA

April 2016. Trunk Show series, Seattle, WA 

February 2017. Sanctuary, Cambridge, MA

July 2018. meanwhile..., Manhattan, NY

March 2019. Repair, Cambridge, MA 

3/23/19: So it’s a wrap now for my 65 of 65 series - one image a day for each of the 65 years I’ve been making photos (which actually amounts to 66 images, since I began with one for 1954). I hadn’t a clue about what this post for 2019 should be until yesterday when little Ralph & I stepped out for his late afternoon walk. I had just learned of the Mueller report’s release when this item quickly came into view - a bit of serendipity, a bit of news resonation, the only iphone shot in the collection, and a nice addition to my series of dog-walking-inspired underfoot pictures of utility covers Here’s hoping for a little repair work in our world!

Under the quiet cover of snow, a base of serenity provides an opportunity for meditation and visual musings. It’s an over layering of the micro with the macro, landscapes mitigated by a fine mist scrim condensed out of the warm air within our cabin: the breath of deep dreams, the heat of our bodies, the steam from last night’s boiling pasta. Looking out from this still comfort I attempt to reconcile the safe contained feeling of being there with the open possibilities of what lies outside the glass.